Doha Driving in The Telegraph

I recently wrote this guest post for The Telegraph website about the perils of driving in Doha.

The article prompted a great deal of debate and discussion, leading to this article in Doha News (which has 49 comments on it and counting) and this article in the Gulf Times, which quotes my article almost in its entirety (but that’s for another post).

What do you think about driving in Doha?


2 thoughts on “Doha Driving in The Telegraph”

  1. I think people in Qatar are terrible drivers! Did you ever experience someone on the right lane of the round-a-bout trying to turn to the left and they think it is ok because they are signaling? Not only do they not know the rules of the roads but they have “rude” driving behaviours. A good example of this is when cars try to push in when all the cars have been waiting in line. Also, unfortunately some of the expats follow their driving “culture” in Qatar. For example in Qatar, if you are on the fast lane you are expected to drive the speed limit. If someones is driving above the speed limit behind you, you should move to the next lane. A lot will not move out of the way when someone is tale gating them because that how it is in their countries and they don’t realise that it is a bit different in Qatar.

  2. Driving in Doha requires the following attributes-:
    1. Patience
    2. Nerves of steel
    3. More patience
    4. The ability to predict
    5. Even more patience
    6. The ability to artfully dodge
    7. Excellent horn reflexes and…..
    8. Calming music

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