An expat’s possessions, and Doha’s ‘broken’ roads

Muhammad Kamran Qureshi/Flickr
Muhammad Kamran Qureshi/Flickr

Here are two more Telegraph blog posts for you – the first about the true value of an expat’s possessions, and the second about Qatar’s ‘broken’ roads, a post I wrote following a particularly depressing week on Doha’s dangerous streets.

The first post was also published in the Telegraph Weekly World print edition.



2 thoughts on “An expat’s possessions, and Doha’s ‘broken’ roads”

  1. After four years in Dubai, during our last week in the city, my 7 year old gleefully exclaimed, “We did it! We never had a car accident!” Pretty sad when even small children are aware of the danger on the roads. I was worried he had jinxed us but we did make it unscathed. 🙂 So sad about the fatal accidents.

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