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Some new profile pictures, courtesy of Heidi Hollinger

A few months ago, I was interviewed by a team from the Discovery Channel, filming the documentary Waterfront Cities of the World in Doha. The presenter Heidi Hollinger is a professional photographer, and her pictures are an integral part of the show’s format.  She’s just sent me some of the pictures she took of me, which I thought I’d share.  The show will be broadcast in June.

Credit: Photos by Heidi Hollinger

Qatar’s grief and anger

On Monday, the deaths of 19 innocent souls changed Qatar forever.  The change in atmosphere here is marked, and there is a tremendous amount of anger mixed with an enormous amount of grief.

When tragedies like this happen our instinct is always to want to do something, anything; my profession meant that I was privileged to be asked to contribute to coverage of the fire in the UK’s media.

I acted as the BBC’s reporter in Doha throughout, doing several interviews with the BBC News Channel and BBC World TV, and an interview with Radio 5 Live. I also wrote a short analysis box for the story on the BBC’s website.  Click here to read the article – one of the interviews I did with the BBC News Channel is the media at the top of the story.

Additionally, the Telegraph asked me to write a piece the day after the disaster, explaining how Qatar’s community is feeling.  Click here to read it.

The picture above is one I took at the vigil in Aspire Park the day after the tragedy. The cross section of the community attending was remarkable, and a real testament to the unity we are all feeling. As I wrote in the Telegraph – we are truly united by our anger, and by our grief.