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Expat sues Qatar employer after she was fired for being pregnant

Frank de Kleine/Flickr

Frank de Kleine/Flickr

I recently wrote about the case of Srijana Shrestha, a 32-year-old expat who lost her job in Qatar after telling her boss that she was pregnant. She is currently taking her former boss to court for unfair dismissal.

Srijana contacted numerous Qatar newspapers about her situation, but none of them responded. This is why outlets like Doha News are vital in Qatar – we are the only journalists who will pursue these kind of stories, and without us, these cases go unreported.

You can read the article here.


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To maternity and beyond

In this month’s Woman Today I explore how fashion can make new Mums feel good (or at least, make them look better than they feel!) The article includes my own experience as a frazzled Mum of a little one. Click here to read it.

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Frazzled Mum, heal thyself

This month in Time Out Doha, I try out a Self-Healing class at Yama Yoga, with amusing results. (And no, sadly that’s not me in the picture…)

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