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Frazzled Mum, heal thyself

This month in Time Out Doha, I try out a Self-Healing class at Yama Yoga, with amusing results. (And no, sadly that’s not me in the picture…)


Currently working on…

Having finished a marathon load of interviews with chefs for the Qatar Happening Dining Guide (publication imminent), here’s a sneak preview of what else is whirring around my brain this month…

A trip around the Virgin Health Bank cord blood bank, for Abode. A review of a “self-healing” class for Time Out. Oh, and a preview of the Doha Trade Fair for Qatar Happening.

Time to start putting those words to paper and print, methinks.

Supermarket Sweep

After one particularly excitable shop at Lulu Hypermarket (family visiting – we’ve all been there) my husband called me frantically to check whether there’d been fraudulent use of our credit card. (For the unitiated, Doha banks text the MALE bank account holder with details of each transaction. Tsk!)

Sadly, of course, there hadn’t been an error – I’d merely spent *slightly* too much on groceries. Which got me thinking – which of the many Doha supermarkets is the cheapest? Unlike the UK, where I could simply go online to compare prices, there’s no such easy access here. No, I dream of online supermarket deliveries nowadays.

So, I set about doing a bit of research for Time Out. This is the result – my very own Supermarket Sweep….