Maxine Mawhinney, BBC TV News presenter and journalist

“Victoria is a great journalist and great colleague. She is hard working, enthusiastic and extremely professional. She was a great loss to us when she left the BBC newsroom in London. I would highly recommend her.” (April 2013.)

Kate Silverton, television presenter and journalist

“I worked with Tory for several years, at both the BBC News Channel and the BBC One O’clock News.  She has excellent news judgement, writes well and produces great research briefs, a skill presenters value very highly. I always knew I could depend on her.” (May 2012)

Bruce Robinson, Manager Marketing and Public Relations, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

“I’ve had contact with Victoria both as a writer and as a radio host for our Meet the Philharmonic program on QF (Qatar Foundation) Radio. I especially admire her total control of the radio program. Victoria’s interviews require a minimum of editing: she’s in total command, always knowing where to take the conversation to keep the audience’s interest yet staying in the moment as she asks each question. Every guest sounds like a great guest on Victoria’s show. Of course, she knows music well, but I have the sense she could handle unfamiliar topics just as well.” (April 21, 2012)

Tom Symonds, BBC Home Affairs Correspondent (formerly BBC Transport Correspondent)

“I worked with Tory Scott when she took the position of  BBC Transport Producer in 2008-9.  She is an experienced and hard-working broadcast  journalist.  She shows excellent news judgement, and an ability to deliver research, interviews, filming and  production planning under pressure.  She also has experience of working directly on some of  the BBC’s biggest television news programmes.  Tory takes a professional and flexible approach to her  work.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Michael Buchanan, reporter, BBC News

“I worked with Tory in Doha in December 2011 for a multi-story trip for BBC News.  She suggested angles and found excellent interviewees for me in a short period of time.  Excellent communications throughout.  Highly recommended.” (March 2012)

One thought on “Testimonials”

  1. Dear Tory,

    I just want to thank you for giving a better insight to Qatar. I, myself am actually Arabic but I was raised in UK since the age of two years old; so I’m referred too as a Western Arab.

    I have been provided an opportunity to localise in Doha, and considering it as the career opportunity is great – I was of course worried about the same things you write about. So I just wanted to thank you for providing a lot of detailed insight; including adding your own personal experience to the articles! I love that part!

    I should be in Doha by mid December it mid January! Thanks again and all the best with your future in Doha 🙂

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